Journey to Becoming a Better Momtographer

Welcome to Week 3 of the New Year…I must say mine is off to a pretty good start!! I didn’t set resolutions this year; past years dictate that I would have dropped them by now anywho ;)!! Instead, I’ve set goals. Aside from the usual we’re going to eat healthier, cut out the junk, be more active “stuff”, I’ve set a personal running goal…500 kms for the year. Seems doable to me!! Plugged the goal into the runkeeper app and am watching it slowly climb to the end goal. I must say, I feel a sense of pride seeing that little bar move. Hey, whatever keeps a girl motivated!! Now, what does that have to do with becoming a better momtographer…well, nothing, I guess!! Perhaps that’s a lie…while writing about goals; I should mention that I’ve also set a photography goal. I’ve joined a 52 week photography challenge, albeit, 3 weeks into the challenge, but joined nonetheless.

I LOVE pictures. Ask my family, they would tell you yes, she loves pictures!! I love taking pictures of my family to the point of driving them crazy, I’m sure of it. Possibly because they have told me so, but whatever ;)!! And more recently, I love learning how take better pictures. I have an entry level DSLR which is perfect for me…still learning to shoot in manual. It’s not nearly as scary as it looks. And when I’ve been brave enough to set the settings instead of taking the easy way out and shooting in auto, WOW…the pictures have turned out beautifully, sometimes!! Not every shot is going to be perfect, as I’m still learning. Not great when you’re a bit of a perfectionist about things!! That said, I’ve decided to commit to a weekly challenge…a challenge to myself to learn new tricks weekly, get outside of my comfort zone and shoot, shoot, shoot!!

This week’s lesson is capturing panoramic photos with your cell phone. Seems easy!! HAH, have you tried shooting panoramic on your phone?? Staying perfectly still to get a great shot?? Huh…I’ve got some practicing to do!! My phone is an iPhone, but sadly, an iPhone 4, which means no panoramic camera feature. Not going to let a little thing like that stop me!! I’ve discovered the app Photosynth by Microsoft (I love the MS is creating apps for an Apple product). I haven’t played with it much, but that’s about the change!! Can’t wait to leave my thoughts on it!!

That said…I’m off to see what I can capture. I’m intrigued with shooting panoramic vertically. And I think I have the perfect subject to practice on ;). I’ll be back to share later in the week. I also have weeks 1 & 2 to capture…more on those later!!

Until I’ve captured my perfect shoot, have a Happy Monday!!


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